Net Water Platform

NetWater platform from Sensworx uses IOT technology to bring antiquated water management systems across the world to reduce water bills, contributes to eco-sustainability by helping you conserve water.

In this world of ever-depleting fresh water reserves, Sensworx solutions are aimed at improving the overall quality of life for the citizens of the world.

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Residential and Commercial communities

Reduce water bill

Reduce water bill by 30%. Residents pay only for the water they use

Home-maker friendly water conservation tool on smart phone.

No extra pipelines required. NetWater uses your existing pipe itself.

Transparency on water usage.Daily Water consumption data on phone.

Leakage detection

Leakage detection and flooding alerts on the smart phone

Smart cities and industries

Fully automated water metering; No manual required.

Intelligent data analytics will improve water distribution efficiency.

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Automatic leakage and Unauthorised water consumption detection.

Instantaneous water contamination alerts.

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